Supporting the public sector to decarbonise

Enabling government agencies to accelerate emission reduction

Carbon emission management

Supporting public sector organisations to seamlessly measure, verify and report their emissions, in line with Carbon Neutral Government Program (CNGP) requirements.

Automated data ingestion

Manage your data input through a single interface. Set up automated data connections using APIs, SFTP, and AI-driven secure data extraction, classification, and categorization. This improves accuracy, reduces set-up time, and enhances data stability for efficient emissions management.

Understand your emissions

Identify if your supply chain is linked to carbon-intensive industries and measure the emissions of your overall value chain. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your environmental impact to support strategic decision-making and sustainability goals.

Measure your value chain

Slice your data to discover insights and trends, enabling data-driven decision making. Utilize advanced analytics to monitor emissions across your value chain, track progress, and implement effective strategies for reduction

Accelerate decarbonisation

Set top-down targets and develop a transparent organisation-wide plan for reducing your emissions.

Target Setting

Set targets that meet the requirements of the Carbon Neutral Government Program (CNGP) standards and help your organisation achieve net zero. Align your goals with industry best practices to ensure compliance and effective emissions reduction.

Forecast Planning

View your do-nothing state, then overlay and track the impact of activities by business unit, intensity, and emission forecast to visualise your future state. Use detailed projections to plan strategically and mitigate potential risks.

Reduction Planning

Create reduction plans by customising initiatives from our initiatives library or create your own. Develop scenarios and track your results against your targets, ensuring continuous improvement and progress towards your net zero goals.

Reporting and audit-readiness

Auto-generate and customise downloadable inventory management reports, annual reports and disclosure statements. ​​Streamline the audit process with in-app auditing including traceability, audit trails and version control.

All the reports you need

Generate and download inventory management reports, annual reports, and disclosure statements. Ensure comprehensive documentation for your emissions tracking and compliance efforts.

Select your standard

Reporting templates are aligned to both GHG scope and ISO category, providing flexibility to meet various regulatory requirements. Choose the standard that best fits your organisational needs for consistent and accurate reporting.

Staying compliant

Reporting templates are automatically updated as standards change, keeping your emissions management up to date. Adapt to evolving measurement and reduction requirements seamlessly to ensure continuous compliance and accuracy.

Consulting support

The Generate Zero team can support your sustainability journey on demand, from materiality and data support, through to audit support and reduction planning.

Meeting global and local standards

Generate Zero software is compliant with both global and local carbon regulatory requirements, methodologies and standards.