Insurance-associated emissions measurement

Helping insurers to measure insured emissions, solve data challenges and meet mandatory reporting requirements​.

Supporting decarbonisation

Providing insurers with the tools to measure their underwriting portfolios and set decarbonisation targets.

Accelerating Emissions Measurement

Generate Zero data models span Category 15 asset classes, utilising the latest PCAF methodologies. Emissions models are based on the TCFD framework, following PCAF Global GHG standards. Additionally, proprietary data sources, including property attributes, enhance accuracy and insight for comprehensive analysis.

Data quality improvements

Progressively improve data quality, including structured capture of data from customers. Leverage advanced tools and techniques to ensure high accuracy and reliability of emissions data, supporting informed decision-making and long-term sustainability goals.

Meeting disclosure requirements

Generate Zero provides expert guidance for materiality assessments, methodology disclosure, and record keeping. Documented methodologies meet CRD requirements, ensuring an integrated audit process that enhances compliance and transparency. Benefit from a streamlined approach to evolving disclosure standards and maintain robust emissions reporting

Insurance emission reporting beyond PCAF standards

While PCAF has established comprehensive guidelines for banking asset classes, its guidance for the insurance sector remains limited.

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Operational emissions

Measure both financed and operational emissions within a single AI-powered platform.

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Meeting global and local standards

Generate Zero software is compliant with both global and local carbon regulatory requirements, methodologies and standards.