Transitioning to a greener economy​

Generate Zero enables banks to measure and report financed emissions across multiple asset classes, aligned to best practice​.

The platform supports ongoing data quality improvement​, and the creation and tracking of transition plans at both the sector and customer level.

Asset class focus

Generate Zero provides asset class emissions models based on PCAF methodology, ensuring accurate and comprehensive analysis of your financed emissions across asset classes.

Solving data challenges

Covers all GHG Protocol Category 15 financial asset classes, offering a thorough analysis for effective emissions management.

Enabling Decarbonisation

Our team offers expert guidance for materiality assessments, methodology disclosure, and record keeping to support your decarbonisation efforts.

Data quality improvement

Enhance data quality, sources, and models, including proprietary datasets like property attributes, to improve emissions data accuracy and reliability.

Decarbonisation Planning

Set top-down sector and intensity forecasts, establish reduction targets by sector, and plan and monitor decarbonisation progress effectively.

Disclosure ready outputs

Create documented methodologies that satisfy climate-related disclosure requirements, ensuring they are audit-ready and compliant with evolving standards.

Transforming BNZ's Financed Emissions Climate Disclosures with Generate Zero

Generate Zero and Bank of New Zealand successfully measure, analyse and report on financed emissions for the mortgage asset class.

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Operational emissions

Measure both financed and operational emissions within a single AI-powered platform.

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